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Dreamworld Steel Taipan Roller Coaster

The Astro Hire team was so excited to be engaged to support Dreamworld’s latest and greatest project. The Gold Coast theme park will be launching the Steel Taipan later this year (2021). 

We worked with Citilink Piling to establish the foundations for the ride. The ride itself is 1.2 kilometres long and like most roller coasters, a seriously massive steel structure.

So, there was a lot riding on the foundations we could secure. 

Partnering with Citilink, we supplied a 14 tonne excavator to assist the drilling rig.

These required an impressive 500+ footings.

Piling is the same technique used to build large bridges, retaining walls, and other large infrastructure. 

We chose a 14 tonne excavator for this project as it was the perfect size for the site we were working in and allowed Citilink to set the pile cages simply and effectively. 

We were fortunate to establish a positive relationship with Citilink Piling on the project, with them becoming new clients of ours. 

Dreamworld’s new Steel Taipan roller coaster will arrive later this year. You can take a peek at the new ride below.